Immanuel Community Church

Join To Regain the Value of Christianity

In modern society, our daily life is focused on seeing. By consuming spontaneous content that stimulates the peripheral nerves, many people are increasingly isolating themselves. Look at the content being consumed on various social media. The problem is that even Christians are not free from this environment. The incredibly colorful culture around us eats away at our minds, and our souls, whether Christian or not, gradually fall asleep.

Currently, we are exposed to an environment that tries to erase the Christian color from young children. And it is a sad reality that talking about Christianity is dismissed as if it were an old and trite story from the previous generation, and rather, other substitutes, such as meditation or yoga, are recognized as a sophisticated and wonderful life.

So now is the time for Christians to rise up and regain the value of Christianity. It is time to boldly raise our voices against those who create cultures and trends that destroy the values and spirit of Christianity. Rather than following their culture and trend, we should be creators and leaders of the culture and trend that holds Christian values. To do so, we must first recover the tradition of listening to the Word and capturing it as our own, away from what we see and spontaneous stimulation within Christianity. We must not forget that the God we believe in is the one who speaks, and faith comes from hearing. There should be no tragedy that the next generation will die due to the current generation’s indifference.

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